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Re: Why no tsuba?

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You're being kind. Mistaken is a very nice word to be using here.

Graham -- look up the Haitorei Edict of 1876. That was 136 years ago. Heck, back in the 1930's it was still almost 60 years... Sword training, sword making, sword crafts nearly died out during Meiji. It was a niche thing at best as Japan was modernizing. And WWII almost killed it completely.
Hi Bud
Know one knows it more than the Japanese themselves, who know full well they can pick up a sword and have instant credibility beyond all evidence to the contrary. None-the-less budo people looking for a teacher will forever chose an Asian face over a white one-even when the white one can kick the Asian one all over the park and back. It just doesn't matter- they're Asain!!
I think people demonstrate regularly that they are not really interested in reality or vetted information as opposed to myths. Myths are more fun. I have run into people who have stated flat out that "To me Aikido is what ______ Sensei says it is." Somehow they think this is a display of love and loyalty. I think it's cultish.
Case in point:

Graham writes: How anyone can believe a Japanese of that era in the martial world didn;t have some and probably lots of sword training is beyond me. I need no books to tell me that.
And that is what is wrong with Budo. "I need no books to tell me that!" In other words, He is finished learning. People have on several levels just stopped thinking.
Trying to get them to re-examine things in light of hard facts is a waste of time.
The bigger the art, the less effort people put into quality control.
The less effort put into quality control and censuring of misinformation
Then the more you have some seriously strange, even dangerous, practices out there...representing your art!