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Re: The void stares back...

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Bush was a lying war criminal willing to bankrupt the country. Obama is a spineless patsy to the capitalist class who keeps negotiating to the middle of the road even as the road twists ever rightward. We have been and are screwed.
...and Janet gets my vote for president, or would, if the idea weren't essentially bankrupt.

But the alternative isn't the void. The problem with progressive politics is that for at least a generation, progressives have conditioned themselves to seek solutions for every problem in the form of a top-down policy initiative. And, to be sure, they had their place; I wouldn't want to be without the 1964 Civil Rights Act, for example. But the great policy initiatives of the last century and a half came about because there was enough of a screaming need to create enough of a consensus to get it done at the top and get it (mostly) accepted at the bottom. Those conditions no longer obtain. The solution now is to build the change you want from the bottom up. Don't wait for national policy to come around to favor you, you'll be dead before it does. Don't try to sway national policy to favor you, there are a lot of rich and powerful guys who are bent on swaying policy in their favor, and the only way you're getting any crumbs is if they choose to let them drop. Instead, create the conditions you want without depending on policy to make it happen.
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