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Re: The void stares back...

Dear All.
It seems to me that the U.S.A and the U.K have almost reached the point of economic melt down.
In the U.K the politicians are paid good wages, enjoying expenses accounts and many are fiddling the books .Meanwhile bankers [after ruining their Banks by high risk investments] are getting bonuses of millions of pounds.Firms are closing down on a weekly basis.
Meanwhile the common people are facing increased costs, unemployment.Student fees at Universities are increasing dramatically.The young kids have little prospect of work.
The Army, navy , air force and the police are all set for reductions in man power.Our laws are dictated by Brussels.Immigration from third world countries are at a all time high.I am not even on the subjects of Afghanistan.
Neither political party is any help in this situation.Possibly like America we are being led by a bunch of self serving individuals.
Cheers, Joe.
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