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I see what you mean about standing, its pretty rare to see someone waiting for a bus standing in a neat shizen-hon-tai posture isn't it
Hah - having just returned from waiting for the subway I can tell you I was in perfect shizentai if you were looking just at the feet. My arms were crossed and I had a suitably bored look on my face but it was shizentai. OK so I'm a rare sort of (insert derogatory term here).

As well as standing, I was also thinking about walking. Most people, when they walk, I think, are pretty much moving from right shizentai to left and back again.
You know this is really a very good point. I had never thought of it that way and will use the example in future.
I guess when Peter talks about aikidoka of other styles referring to practicing from shizentai as 'advanced', thats what is meant.
Yes. The difference between a learning mode as opposed to a functional one.

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