Thread: Is Aikido Air?
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Is Aikido Air?

Recently, I have been thinking of the elements, and how they relate to life.

I am interested in Aikido, so as a sort of introduction, let me start with a question.

Which element do you think Aikido is?
Earth, air, water, fire, wood, metal, ect....

I know Aikido and Tai Chi are verry similar in certian principals, And I know Tai Chi is charactized as being like water.
However, Tai Chi seems abit more deleberate. A tad more graceful. And a tad more feminimine.... and I do not mean that in a negative sense. I only mean that Tia Chi seems abit more yin then yang.

Given their relationships, if Tia Chi is water, Aikido seems to be more air.
Both spiritual. Both flowing. Both a little more soft, but enough differences to have them be of differient elements.

So..... Aikido= Air.
Does the anaology hold true.... from an elemental perspective?
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