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Re: Root arts connected to Daito-ryu and Aikido

Hi Ellis,

Kukishin-ryu bojutsu looks a lot like the aikijo I've seen. In the mid-1990's I learned a little bit from a Gembukan member (Just the first solo bo kata that has all of the kihon strikes in it). A few years later I saw John Goss sensei do some aikijo (31-step kata maybe?) and noticed how there were a few movement patterns that were almost identical. On the Kukishin-ryu website there is a photo of Kuki sensei and Ueshiba sensei together which might make sense.

I think it is good to go over some of the gournd again since there are now better clips than the ones I posted (The Jikishinkage-ryu clip I posted is pretty bad. The one you posted is much better) and you've added ryu that Ueshiba sensei studied as well.

Best regards,

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