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Bruce Baker
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Stop Separating/Create Harmony

I wonder ... are any of you going to get the point of bringing up different styles of MA?

It is our responsibility to bring our martial arts knowledge in a harmony that encompasses all our knowledge.

Small circle?

Big circle?

When you stop concentrating, when you stop trying, it just happens ... naturally.

Haven't you ever gone into techniques in randori without thinking about what was to come next, and had your instructor say,"Please use use only Aikido, big circles ..."

Although we study many different arts in our lifetime, eventually the lines blurr and best of what we have learned is blended into a new art, or a better version of the old art. It does not ignore what we have learned but is added to it in harmony.

So, don't go telling Bruce what he should change to, the lines become blurred the more you train in other arts, and the longer you train in any one art.

Example: Seminars, teachers who have trained in other arts showing new techniques, or practice showing neutralizing techniques to other styles.

Point of this thread being, you are going to see more and more small circles as you advance in Aikido and do it without concentrating.

It is a natural evolution, but only after you are capable of using large circles.

So, don't get hung up with trying to be like Wally Jay, it will happen when it happens. Be aware it is there, and of the many good points he has taken from Aikido and that he has even improved some of them through trial by fire in his application.

Keep your eyes open at seminars and see if many of the things you see in small circle don't appear? They will.

As for struggling with the small circle techniques ... practice, practice, practice ... same old-same old solution, but it does increase your sensitivity for Aikido practice to sense where submission connects to pain then to injury. (At least practice in small circle did for me)
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