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Re: One more time. Ho do you tell your sensei they need help

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Ooh, ouch.

Thank you.

You, anonymous, will have to decide if you're really seeing what you're seeing ...
Yes. True.

Start the conversation assuming you're wrong.
Why not being confident in one's own expertise/competency?
I think there comes a time when it is more helpfull, important and responsible to assume, one is right.
Think about testing: You have to assume, you are right, when saying, "yes, you passed and are shodan now." Or "no your are not"!

I think it is important to learn to judge one's own aikido, teachers, students. If you are not able to judge a teacher, how will you find the one you trust?
If you are not able to judge your students, how will you be able to teach them.

True: Being humble is important. Very important. But being self-confident also is. So one has to bring both together, I think.

Most of the time, in my experience, you will find out you were wrong, or at least that your understanding was incomplete.
As I said: My experience is different. I think it depends on the "gap" between teacher and student? Whether there still is one or not or it has become smaller or even very small ...
After a certain time of practice you might experience you come near a teacher who once was far away ... This happens.

I think problem is that the "system" doesn't provide a manual of how to deal with a teacher, who isn't going the path further on himself .
Except: Leaving. Finding a new teacher. Or establish one's own dojo.

ahh, @ Joe:
Im not young. Neither in years nor in aikido.
And as a teacher I like students to be honest and to tell me their truth. My truth I know by myself.
We don't use the term "sensei" but tell us by our forenames. I do this with my teacher (who is very far away) and my students do this with me.
So we only have to be polite. And thereby says what is in our hearts.
Just that.

Sorry for my english, to difficult to expess in a foreign language maybe ...
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