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South Korea
Greetings from the Land of Morning Calm

The Land of the Morning Calm is a reference to the Republic of Korea (South Korea, that is). I've been here going on seven years, and would highly recommend to any of you interested in an off-beat holiday to travel to Korea. Not only is the country worth seeing, but we've got some pretty good going on over here as well. I don't mean "Hapkido", I mean good strong fundemental "Aikido". Mostly in Seoul but new dojos are spreading to other cities. Quite a phenomenon really. I've watched You Ick Ahm Sensei develop the Korea Aikido Federation for the past seven years and it has been quite educational. I honestly think that no one else could have done as good a job. So, by way of introducing myself, I invite you to visit my website: and the Korea Aikido Federation website:

I look forward to some engaging threads.....

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