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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

Tenyu Hamaki wrote: View Post
This mindset is that of uke. I wouldn't have been able to create Aikibodo if I thought that way.

If I weren't at the forefront of Staff research then there'd be no reason for anyone to learn from me when there's so many Aikido teachers twice my age everywhere!

This thread's a couple months old, they were offended before I said this earlier today. I'm not going to explain it to you if you don't understand.
Fair enough. If that's your view then so be it. I believe you are not where you think you are until you have taught many and helped many more who have problems with such.

You have said such things from the beginning if the thread so I am fully aware thank you and thus my view holds true.

I have seen others give you much advice which if you ever do venture into the world of teaching a new public you will need to learn as by reading the thread you havn't as yet. Namely how to put your terminology in such a way that the receiver of it understands. The art of teaching.

Why mention how great your way is in the first place?

You can justify that as uke mindset as much as you like but it just shows yours insecurity to me unfortunately.

The wisest, most able and truly competant exponents never self promote and are very humble. All promotion is done by others. They only answer questions due to great public interest much further down the line, the line of which you havn't even moved on yet.

Self promotion is self defeating and this I believe you cannot see. Instead you should quietly go about helping others who are stuck in their staff work and quietly teach what you know at your own place until you are wanted and needed.

Humility is power that's why an uke can learn but it's also why some teachers progress.

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