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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
unless you've done some seriously focused study on the breadth of staff in Aikido (Youtube wouldn't count in my book), I don't see how you could make that claim. How much of the "staff of Aikido in the world" have you experienced?

You're right, not everything's on Youtube. I've done my homework though. I have all 4 VHS tapes of Hikitsuchi's material, I had the complete DVD series of Ikeda's work including the freestyle staff presentation. I went to one of Saotome's seminars and in between class he showed me his work. I've never been to an Iwama dojo but Saito Hitohiro and Daniel Toutain both show 31 and 13 katas on youtube. They're the only one's I've seen use asymptote activations(low frequency). Few years ago I got the latest all-japan DVD with all the Japanese Shihans, I gave that DVD away shortly after. I've seen Sunadomari's DVD's and his staffwork. O Sensei's the only person I've wanted to steal forms from during the time I spent researching Aikido history. With ample evidence I can easily say my work's at the forefront.
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