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Smile Re: Politics, the Death of Martial Arts?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well it's just a view but I consider MMA the highest form of martial arts.
As far as MMA being just a new sport... I disagree. Sure some younger people just jump into an MMA school, but most MMAers come out of or stay part of, more than one traditional discipline, like Wrestling, Judo, Bjj, Karate, MT, FMA, etc. It is worth noting that the founders of the great "traditions" were MMA'ers. I think were they to come back to life today they would have very little positive things to say about the hobbyist dilatants and the political machines that rule the martial arts today. For the most part the martial arts are no longer martial arts, and the majority of people in them are hardly capable fighters.
Actually, I can't find myself disagreeing with you here. In fact, well said. If someone does MMA and a traditional art at the same time they will get a reality check in their traditional discipline and a martial sense check in their MMA training. For me, as a youngster, I did do several arts, and for a long time. I always stuck with Aikido and got my 'reality' elsewhere. And if I were young again, I'd probably mix it up with MMA. In fact, coaching my high school wrestling team the last 5 years has been quite an eye opener - I wish I had done that instead of the Judo I did when younger. And while I am at it - blatant plug - one of my boys recently got a gold medal in the NZ High School National Wrestling Championships :-D

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