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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

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Well, just thought I'd check back in, now that I've been at the new dojo for a few months.

Let me just say, dear God, what was wrong with me? Why was I so blind? I love Aikido so much more now! I am learning something new every day! Thanks everyone!

On a side note, I do think that the Stanford Prison Experiment does explain why I stayed for so long in such a negative environment.
Glad things worked out

I am not sure if this has already been said in this thread, but here goes anyway. Two different people can yell at you at the same time for doing something wrong with exactly the same words but be two entirely different inputs - the difference lies in the intent behind the criticism - some people enjoy demeaning you and others truly want to help with corrective input - you can generally feel the difference when it occurs.

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