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Re: Now Is Time

I think it was 1999, or maybe early 2000 and I was a brand new shodan. I had been awarded a return to industry grant through my community college to do some writing. Since I had written a little for Aikido Today Magazine, Susan Perry agreed to let me write a few articles for her. She wanted me to research Yoshinkai Aikido. Totally ignorant about it, I couldn't find it anywhere near me, so I started emailing people, notably Sam Combes Sensei, Chris Howey Sensei, and Gil Fitts Sensei. Somehow I ended up at a seminar in Philadelphia, got to interveiw Jacques Payet Sensei, and hung out with Chris' dojomates. One of them, Scott Crawford, told me about aikido-l. I am very grateful for all the people who helped me find aikido-l and then Aikiweb and to Jun for his hours and hours of work. Cheers to your sentiment, Ross, thanking us all for being here and in your life. Hear! Hear! Or maybe more appropriately, Here! Here!
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