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Re: Musings on Twenty Years of AikiWeb

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
Peter, my friend, I expect you to go on until you've written all we want to read. And that's enough for a bundle of lifetimes.

A question: Wasn't the IAF formed at first in Europe, back in 1976, and Kisshomaru Doshu insisted it must be done again in Tokyo, later the same year?
Hello Stefan,

I hope you are well.

Somewhere in my filing cabinet is an archive of correspondence with the late K Chiba, concerning this very topic. Chiba Shihan was heavily involved with the creation of the IAF and travelled back and forth between Japan and Europe. I returned from the US in 1975 and from then until 1980 I lived in London. This period, until CS left Japan to live in the US, was the time I got to know him well.

As background, I think you are aware anyway of the early organization of aikido in Europe, with the ACEA, which later became the EAF. The initiative to create the IAF came from judoka and aikidoka from France and Spain, but this was happening well before the federation was actually formed. I understand that the Hombu had been doing some homework about the legal aspects of international organizations and wanted to ensure that the IAF was subject to Japanese law. This is the reason why the second gathering was held in 1976, in Japan. The first meeting was indeed held in Europe and it might have been as early as 1975. For when I first became involved with the IAF, two dates were given as the date of its foundation: 1975, in Europe, and 1976, in Japan.

Best wishes,


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