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Originally posted by ranZ
I think people with more experience can answer better than me, but i read this funny story at
KAMI : In other words, RanZ, if you just practice techniques, you'll be a wonderful "technician" but you won't be a "complete aikidoka". For that you have to study all aspects of Aikido, not just the ones you like.
As one of my teachers said, "If you do only one thing, you'll be like a cripple, you won't be doing INTEGRAL Budo".
And answering Leslie's question :
"Can I be good at Aikido without the philosophy?"
I don't think so. You'll be good at Aikido's TECHNIQUES and quite clumsy at all other aspects. All in all, it depends on what is your objective and how far you wish to go.

"We are all teachers, and what we teach is what we need to learn, and so we teach it over and over again until we learn it".
Unknown author

Ubaldo Alcantara
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