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Re: My rant of the day

Roger, that's all well and good and i agree with you that change comes from within... Still we're not about taking sides here.

It's understandable that everyone has their own illusions on what's perfect, real or correct. But a civilized exchange and a more open mind is probably the most efficient way of developing this forum into a true repository of knowledge. Think of it as the university of aikido, sure it comes with its fair share of old codgers who have nothing better to do then to type stuff on their computer. It also has a growing retinue of eager beavers who want to absorb as much as they can before sunrise tomorrow.

Like it or not, as a collective, we could create a good or a nasty habit. And one way to avoid the bad is by voicing out our concerns.

My airy theory is that we degenerate as a society because we belittle niceities. Starting wih losing our manners, we drift into losing our morality and humanity,

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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