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My rant of the day

Hi i'm starting a new thread that anyone can pursue. It's your rant of the day. Mine is this.

It's sad to see that a collective experience of maybe over 500 years exists in the Aikiweb forum from it's members. Yet instead of harnessing that experience effectively, most threads are like proving grounds to show one person is great and the rest a bunch of bilthering idiots.

Everyday skirmishes are fought and i've seen wars escalate over years in the forum. And in the end? Lines are drawn, allies and enemies are made, some established their own Switzerland, some apparently went to Mars and established a colony there having had enough of earth (a few came back due to the inhospitable conditions).

As I see it, half the time the differences are due to a misinterpretation of the other party's terminology. One could say that both parties are almost talking about the same thing but they aren't. That maybe because we are not that grand on precisely naming every single thing in our curriculum, it maybe our origjnal teachers call an orange an apple instead, or a myriad of different reasons. The point being is, I think so much more could be achieve if we went about asking people to explain their whole concept before butting in with our own understanding. Trying it out even, and discussing failures and success instead of being so satisfied with our own hodgepodge of ideas. And lest we forget those guerilla fighters who take pot shots with their occasional one liners... Mayhaps it's because they can't be bothered to explain further because they 'know' where this will eventually lead, or they've done their bit before and are now expressing incredulity that no one bothered to check in dusty old threads of another name, and perhaps they just like to pop in once in awhile to show the world that they still matter.

In any case, whilst I can understand it's human nature to want to be popular or to attract followers your way, everyone's journey here is surely far from over. And if you kill someone else's understanding when it might still be at it's infancy now, you just might be killing off a piece of knowledge that may become absolutely essential as you reach another stage in your development.

This forum could effectively be a blueprint in development towards achieving understanding in Aikido. Certainly one that tracks the right and the wrong paths and even necessary 'prototyping' paths that one might need to take to ease their journey in Aikido.

Let's not remain as children in schoolyard battles and instead go forwards as brothers in arms.

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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