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Re: Open Letter to My Students

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
The folks who don't, well. they weren't serious about their Aikido-lite either.
Oh, man. Engrave it in gold and write it on my tombstone.

Speaking from the point of view of the student--I very much appreciate the occasional "come to Jesus" talk from my teacher. No, I shouldn't need it. Yes, I should be self-motivated. Yes, it's unfair, mostly unfair to the teacher.

But the fact is, I need the occasional reminder of why I am here and why it matters. I need the occasional infusion of passion from the guy who, after all, I chose as my teacher because I thought he had something to teach me.

So, George Sensei, even if you're not my day-to-day teacher, thanks for the shot in the arm. I return to training re-invigorated.
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