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Re: Knee Dislocation and Aikido practise

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I dislocated my knee during practise last Tuesday and I was wondering if anyone has gone through this horrible experience and how did that implicate their practise of Aikido after they healed?

damn I hate this I just can't comprehend that I will have stay out of Aikido for a while NOOOOOOOOOO
I am probably repeating advice here, but have been through knee injuries myself.

First off, let it heal. That gives you something to do. Warm baths, massage with ointments such as tiger balm. This is a chance to spend some quality time with your knees and you will come away with a better understanding of them.

Think about how and why you injured yourself. Probably going too quickly. So now that nature has slowed you down by force, to be in a hurry now is to increase your risk and lose the lesson.

Read some Aikido books, watch some Aikido videos, practice at home slowly, carefully. The time is not lost.

When you can go back to the dojo, show up equipped with your new and improved training style. That is, not to force or rush yourself at the expense of your body.

それでは、 お大事に
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