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Walter Martindale
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Re: Knee Dislocation and Aikido practise

Judo competition - British Columbia Winter Games.. 1979, Kamloops, BC - late March... I now have no anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my right knee.
It took me about 6 months to learn to not have my knee shift about when walking up stairs.
It took a couple of years to learn to move anywhere other than in a straight line without leaving my lower leg planted on the ground
I still have no Right ACL.
What worked for me... (your experience may be different and I take no responsibility for your experience)
I was in my late 20's and a grad student at U of British Columbia, with keys to the weight room - worked up to 4 sets of 20 leg press with 750 lb on the Global Gym. 4 sets of 10 hamstring curls with the weightstack on whatever machine it was in the gym at the time.
Got bored, started rowing with the UBC crew. Lower back gave out after 3 years and I took up coaching.
Started Aikido (long irrelevant story) in 1993 - still have no ACL, no where near as strong, but most of the time my knee cooperates.

As stated before your experience may differ.. However - the surgeries they offer now are way better, and prognosis is also way better than in 1980.... Have the operation (I'd suggest, anyway), rehab, recover, and have a long Aikido life.
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