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Re: Hello from Atlanta! Any advice on Aikido schools here?

John Bernhard wrote: View Post
I am going to add my vote for Emory Aikikai with Michael Magno and Jon Reading Sensei's. I was fortunate to train with them for a little while and both got their instruction from some very incredible Sensei's. They are most certainly not a "belt" factor or a Rex Kwon Do school. They are associated with the Aikido schools of Ueshiba (ASU at I lived up in Symrna when I was training at Emory. Everyone there is extremely welcoming. They do have a website and you can get to it by going to the site and looking up dojo Index. Hope that helps
John - thanks for that. My wife works at Emory, so it is appealing. I'm taking a bit of Kenpo soon and really want to delve deeply into Aikido - I have a couple more schools to check out and I will definitely look at Emory. Thanks for your time!
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