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Re: Takemusu Aiki in Systematic Teaching?

Sensei Henry Kono opened my eyes to the integratedness of all aikido techniques. His teaching tends to be directed towards learning the principles with just a few techniques, then seeing how these same principles are applied to all techniques. Indeed, a new student with only 3 lessons experience did a series of techniques, in a slow randori session, that I've never shown him (ikkyo, irim-nage, kokyu-nage, tenchi-nage etc) just by following the principles we had been practising. I was amazed, but it made me realise that learning the principles through the techniques is the most important thing. I tend myself, therefore, to teach fewer techniques from more diverse body movements. I think too many techniques or too few techniques is less important than the students understanding the link between all techniques and the fundamental simplicity of aikido.


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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