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Re: Takemusu Aiki in Systematic Teaching?

Erick Mead wrote:
How close can one bring a student to that experience of spontaneity by a method that is itself the antithesis of spontaneity? I do not deny the power of paradox, but how is it employed, if it is indeed the means ?
quite easily.

everyday, you breathe, you walk, you talk, it has all become effortless and basically subconscious. I would say all of this activity has become 'spontaneous'.

when you have practiced aikido exercises and yoshinkan drills to the point that they have become like walking and breathing, you will have reached 'spontaneous aikido'.
(also, it's not like they don't do randori and things like that as well.)

Drilling is useful in art, music, and all forms of sports and gymnastics. I can't imagine how it wouldn't benefit aikido as a foundation to the art.

also, as an aside:
are you a vegetarian? (i have a hunch)
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