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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Takemusu Aiki in Systematic Teaching?

The short answer is that to build the free flowing, spontanious nature of takemusu aiki, the more systematic approaches concentrate on building a firm base in the basics, and then over much time, build to the goal of takemusu aiki. Some specifics would be things like renzoku waza, where specific waza and patterns are chained together to form a cohesive whole. Something like;

shomenuchi ikkajo
shomenuchi nikkajo
shomenuchi sankajo
shomenuchi yonkajo
shomenuchi shihonage
shomenuchi Iriminage
shomenuch kotegaishi to pin

are performed over and over again, shite and uke switching roles after a complete set. These exercises / paired waza usualy start around 4th to 3rd kyu, and there are varying levels of complexity. Some even change roles (shite / uke) midway through the cycle.


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