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Re: Ki Eureka

David, I encourage you to keep thinking this through, working on it and figuring out how it makes sense to you and keep trying to explain it to us! I have my own views around it - basically I kinda subscribe to the "all this is set in stone" stuff . . but then where it gets personal is that we each have a way of making that general phenomena of truths applicable for us in unique ways.

One of the things that has struck me with working with people trying to show you how to get a foot in the door with IS stuffs is that almost universally, they are doing things that "trick" your body into moving in a new way. I think the critical aspect is twofold from here:

1) You hold yourself absolutely accountable to latch on to the "logic" of what this new way of moving demands and then start to retrain everything to move this way (it does no good if you just keep doing what you were already doing and add a little IS to it). This is the part that requires analyzing what you're doing as compared to external criteria.

2) You latch completely onto the "feelings" you had when moving in this new way. Own it. Chase it like a m*****f***er. Obsess over it. You have to make it a part of you (a way, a Do, a Tao) so that it gradually is part of everything you do (not just opening doors - raising coffee, holding your child, etc.) Always assume you're doing it wrong, that's how you keep improving. The ones that stagnate forever are the ones that think they "get it".

Then its incumbent on you to keep getting hands on with people that know more than you - find them, hound them. Be annoying, but respectful, enthusiastic, but restrained, show them that you are a seeker like them and you might get some glimpses of new stuff to work on.

Anyways, thanks for sharing and keeping the conversation going. I think this is a step in the direction these discussions need to go - vis a vis - "how to's" and "how's it work" . .
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