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Keep on with those epiphanies, David, and keep sharing them. It's a viable start.
I guess the real epiphany here is that my perception has changed from looking at ki as a separate thing to looking at it like "my" ki--like "my hand" or "my foot".

It was a breakthrough when I recognized the fascia as a more or less complete layer of human being.

Now I see that ki is a layer of me like mind is, and fascia and bones. I know that there is ki in the universe but now I know that I have my own and that I can do things with it. It's suddenly not theoretical, but here in me.

As for using it, I want to start with the basics of just feeling how it lives and how it works.

But right away, it fills in a gap in the layers between the body and the mind.

The first thing I'm concentrating on is how it feels and makes me feel and how it connects me with other people and affects the way they feel around me. And it affects the way I feel about them.

Without this awareness, we are separate individuals (egoes--in the sense of separate creatures, not in the sense of big-heads). With this awareness, we can directly experience the connection with others. So our ki is alive and it has sensory functions as well as communication functions in addition to the life functions it supports. So I'm starting to sense with that sense "organ" now.

And this explains a tremendous amount about Japanese culture and haragei. I knew this intellectually, but now I can really feel it. Among Japanese, they sense each other's presence and connections and intentions and inclinations rather than talking about them. Persuasion is less a matter of winning an intellectual argument than of making the other person feel so connected to you that they will support whatever you say.

All in all, it's a very refreshing feeling.



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