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Re: Why are there 7 pleats on the Hakama?

Walter Abington wrote: View Post
There are seven pleats (five in the front and two in the back) and that these represent the seven virtues of budo:

Jin: benevolence
Gi: honor or justice
Rei: courtesy and etiquette
Chi: wisdom, intellligence
Shin: sincerity
Chu: loyalty
Koh: piety

The five pleats in the front are the five virtues; gotoku, of Japanese traditional society, with the one in the back representing all five virtues are actually one major one, that of being a complete human being.

The five are:

Chuu: loyalty
Ko: justice
Jin: humanity; compassion
Gi: from giri; or honor
Rei: respect

Does this mean that we fart on Koh (piety) and Shin (sincerity) then ?

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