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Re: ineffective technique from sensei?

@Brian: aikido is a martial art. one of my reason learning martial arts is to be able to defend myself effectively (aside from the fact that I love learning them) when I had to get involved in a fight. I think one opening can decide the result of the fight.. what's the purpose of doing a technique that you know won't work just to change to another technique?

@shadowfax and the others: he constantly tells us NOT to oppose by pointing out the weakness because all of the possible openings can be handled with other ways. so contradicting him is out of the question..

@abasan: in the last technique, he specifically told me (as the uke) to do a kick from the side when in my opinion, the logical reaction in that situation is to do a front kick. of course the nage won't get hit by a kick from the side.. what's the point?

@lbb: the other instructor was a real street guy. he was black belt in jujitsu so I think he would have been able to take the fall. and he had similar experience with this instructor. I'm kinda hoping not to have to describe what happened then. but he did what I did, which is not letting the instructor lose his face by "loosening the grip". and also, I don't mean to sound pompous but if I can't take ukemi from him then nobody in my class can.

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