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How so? Do you mean taller or heavier?
Mostly heavier. There seem to be some things in Aikido that assume you and your partner are about the same size. The back stretch is one of them. Koshi Nage seems to be the other one. If the other person is too heavy, it wouldn't be a good first choice.

Do you mean there's no way you could do it if they _are_ near your size or if they aren't?

Having said that, IIRC, Best Aikido 2 shows some koshi nages as variations of other techniques. So I suppose if you're on your way to doing one thing and get stuck or miscalculate, you have to run with what you can do, and koshi nage might be one of them. But I still don't like it.

I think it partly just depends who's throwing you as well as on your own falls. I am finding the more I practice the fall the less uncomfortable it's gradually getting to be. I think it was one of my least favourite falls at first, though.

I've been working on koshinage lately and I think I mainly just like it 'cause it's so fun to do...
I've stopped doing the back stretch because even when I do it the liftee side properly, I keep crunching my partners. I'm just a lot heavier than most of the people I train with. I see the same problem with koshi nage. Of course, it's on some of the upper tests, so I can't avoid it forever. But I'll have to lose weight and/or improve my ukemi radically --- and it needs work already -- to get there.
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