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Koshinage (hip throw) allows you turn your opponent while pulling him onto his hips then straightens his knees and throws him over onto his back.

A powerful technique with some many variations that can be applied. Perhaps one of the more aggressive techniques that is not practiced a lot in most Aikido dojos. I came across this interesting video showing variations. How often do you practice this technique in your dojo? Do you use the many variations?
Our dojo doesn't do it very often, and I don't think it appears on any tests until second kyu or higher (Thank God).

As a technique, I don't like it because it assumes your attacker isn't significantly bigger than you, yet there's no way you could do it in that situation. You'd have to use something else. From a training perspective, I think it's not basic in Aikido for the simple reason that you will be hitting the mat dozens of times during the class anyway, and doing it from a high fall for the better part of an hour would be hard on anybody. It's one thing to be thrown to the mat and then grapple; it's another to be thrown that way fifty times in a row.

Makes me glad I've never been tested, because I don't like it. And given that I'm a little heavier than most in the dojo, they're probably glad I don't like it!
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