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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Starting an all-women's class

I find it very interesting that all the negative comments have all come from men who find an all women's class as some kind of discrimination. We do not want to discriminate, but appear to have been doing so, and for this reason are trying to encourage more women on the mat.
Hi Judith,

I've been thinking about your post, and I also noticed a comment in another thread that caught my attention. A couple of questions:

1) What is it that makes the statements you refer to "negative"?

2) Could you quote some of them so that we are on the same page?

3) Why is it that "men" making those statements is an issue?

4) Do you disagree that there are in fact other ways to encourage women on the mat...other than a woman's only class?

Just to let you know where I am personally comming from, I do not have an issue per say about this type of class, but from a logical point of view, it does cause me to wonder about discrimination (someone would in fact be excluded based on their gender).

5) Is it in someway inappropriate for me to try to address these concerns here?

6) What would be your preferred venue for me to discuss these concerns?

7)Is there a preferred method I should use?

Ron (and good luck with the classes, I hope they accomplish your goal)

Ron Tisdale
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