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Re: Ultimate fights expand to include kids

Oh, I should probably add that I would probably choose to not have my kid participate in this style of MMA (where striking is involved).

I also do not allow him to play with toy guns or approve of roleplaying that involves him harming another human being.

I don't allow him to watch TV much except for shows that are very mild with no violence.

I think there is too much in the world.

These are choices that I make for him at 8 years old.

He does do Judo, and we do grappling based sports, not involving strikes at this time.

We talk about violence, the cause and effects of it and how our actions and words can be important.

I think eventually we will work on striking...when he is ready to mentally and physically deal with it. I have a personal philosophy that 8 year olds are pushed to hard to compete and to grow up too fast.

So, you will see that probably my personal position on the MMA issue is closer to your own.

I am simply pointing out that if the problem is going to be tackled correctly, it should not be directed at MMA specifically as if it presents some new level or horror of unprecedented nature. The same issues it presents have been sugar coated by kata, goal post, and high bars.

If we are genuine about helping make better kids in society, then we should attack the issue at the root..not having our governments establish more legislation that targets specific things (moral legistlation).

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