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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?


It's a number I recall very well...but I can't and don't have the time to find the source again for you to look at...sorry. Does it really matter? I'm not asian btw ^^ but they wouldn't just say something stupid now would they. These are ancient cultures, with real understanding of a lot of things....but from afar it's easy to look and misunderstand.

Regardless let it be said that other cultures can often abound with competitiveness...and in the rush for supremacy of something you don't really know at all you can become very unstuck. Few years back you knew of none of this did you? it's a fair comment isn't it. And now you have to change your body, which will also change your subconciousness to be something..or that's what others will have you do....and that can go very wrong ....damaging both your mind and your body.

Now can you do that safely? if you can then go ahead and try if you will, but I wouldn't publisice it to anyone until you are well assured of their safety...and hence people have kept very very quiet. People need to think on this. We can easily see looking in a very limited way that people had lots of problems...and these are the ones you are allowed to see...think about that too.

Changes made should be very very slow...I can't emphasise this enough....but in reality everything everyone needs is already in aikido isn't it. You'd have to be totally in love with a person not to believe's already there and can be done very safely. Other things maybe can't..I can assure you. If you're not very good at aikido...and others have said basically they weren't...then accept that and think why and how you could become better in a natural way is my advise. People do forget the basics...I see it all the time.

Then safely over time you can and will achieve excellence in aikido...maybe not MMA....but most are not doing that are they? and that's the thing..this is basically poaching on a large scale in a way imho....telling others to go out and see if you can use your practise in different venues other than aikido. In truth many think that their aikido as it stands will allow them to do this..and to be fair usually it won't, but then aikido as it stands can become destroyed by the egomanical behaviour of those that have done something different.

It's a fair warning and I won't have my name behind that...will you? I've already met some doing some work that didn't have any real idea imho but had already strengthened themselves to a degree that made practise very uncomfortable for others...thats not a step's clearly a degeneration.

So you can see I say this with careful

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