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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

Blimey Greg you must have been bored...the figure came from a very well known's availabe to read...did you find that? ^^

It's a common claim especially by Mr harden etal that if someone shows alarm it must be someone who doesn't have the skills and is looking in with no This is far from the case and is merely self protection but only on his side. Generally he may have started something he has very little control over imho...but ego led will have you believe that you too will be a budo giant and that there are no risks to this. Yet logically if this were the case everyone..and I mean everyone would have done that wouldn't they. Even he says he thinks others refused to do the work...why was that? is it evolution or devilution of aikido and possibly you...take care is all I say.

Mr Harden will not support you if you get sick..and you can. Don't even expect a reasonable reply by mail.....which to be fair Mark did try and provide. But again he is not an authority and truly does not have skills/understanding of Japan imho to say what he often does here (again read back through those thousands of posts/propoganda)

What can go wrong can be very very's an insipid thing this in've let someone walk into aikido...lie to you about a lot of things (and you need to think about that) for personal reasons only..not yours. History will show that people didn't just shout to the world about were specially chosen that could do something safely and would keep quiet. Ueshiba wasn't directly given some information because he was in someways a show off....can I say that? Think about how he approached a Judoka on a train. The others kept quiet for other reasons than personal protect. Even Sagawa had the foresight to see what could happen if westerners had any understanding, hence he said don't teach them...ever. Again those words may have been screwed by some here to make you feel you're not enough..and can't do....ahhh but he's the answer...mmm

Don't you think a regular normal guy wouldn't have just invited a few people to his dojo/barn and gone about things quietly. Strange that at the age of 55 ish he constantly has to bicker and attack people in aikido to get attention/fame/money?....look back and you will find a constant stream of this. Dubious in the extreme is what I would say..coming from a place where people do and can have real skills but are very responsible. They don't do that do they? they don't stand and say "you've all failed to a man" very wary of this one..

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