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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

David Orange wrote: View Post
...I notice a distinct split between Ueshiba's "purpose of the kamisama" and the general, vague pursuit of "universal love" espoused by so many who have no power.

Best to you.

Hi David,
Or, at the least, a more common kind of power. I wonder if O Sensei reached a point where he figured people tend to do and see what they want and in certain regards started leaving people to their own aims, since they often do that anyway. Perhaps he felt as long as a handful of people maintained the "heart," it was ok if so many other people, who were essentially interested in other goals than his, did something a little different. His principle of developing yourself first, then your household, etc. suggests that at times he was probably much more concerned with his own role in the Universe than that of others, including his own family to a small degree; leaving it to them on some level to sort things out for themsleves.
This ties into the idea of "monomania" insofaras his personal training probably took greater importance than that of his students; that his training seemed to be part of his spirituality implies to me that it was of the highest importance to him, to the point where circumstances probably meant occassionally excluding other very important aspects of his life.
Of course, I'm just spitballin': I am in no position to guess at much more than my own little corner of things, and I'm just a novice even there, so I'll go back to practicing the art of listening, which I'm generally better suited for anyway.

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