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Marc Abrams
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Mr. McGrew:

David Orange is in your area. He attended the first seminar that Dan Harden led for martial arts instructors. You might want to reach out to him and talk directly to him about his impressions of Dan.

1) Banding together with the "Golden child" from England will get you less than nowhere very quickly. He claims to have deep understandings of things without having anything to back it up. Those videos should speak for themselves.

2) You might do well to explore a deeper source of your anger. Many of us had faced such an anger before. Some of us have as our teachers, direct students of O'Sensei and have had some heart-to-heart conversations with them. It is noteworthy that they would love to turn the clock back and learn from O'Sensei now that they are able to see beyond what they could in their youths. We are guided by our teachers who DIRECTLY SUPPORT our pursuits of discovering the deep/hidden-in-plain-sight aspects of our art, that our teachers are pursuing as well.

3) You call people cowards, disingenuous, etc.. Why don't you meet some of these people first before jumping to your conclusions. I would be surprised if your opinions did not change after spending some time with them. To me, the coward is the person who takes pot-shots from afar. When I had my doubts about this stuff, I took it directly to Dan. I had enough personal integrity to directly confront him, while being open enough to allow him the chance to show me exactly what he was talking about. I had the personal integrity to apologize directly to Dan and like any good martial artist, check my ego in at the door and allow myself to learn about things that I was not getting, did not understand and needed to learn. As a teacher, this is my obligation that I owe to my teacher, myself and my students each and every day.

Ushiro Sensei states very cogently that the biggest impediment to learning is what you think that you already know. I appreciate your zeal and now I am personally asking you to put your ego aside and meet some of these people to see if maybe, just maybe, your anger might be misdirected.

Marc Abrams