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I've been reading the posts here, and I still have trouble understanding what's the whole thing about.

I've been thinking somewhat about the reality of attacks and have almost come to the conclusion that there cannot be a real attack in the dojo. Because IMHO a strike is not an attack in itself. Attacks I believe is the whole being, spirit, attitude, intention and all... culminating towards the attack. Therefore, a real attack will end with a strike with which i want to hurt you, badly.

This i feel cannot be fostered in a dojo.

David Y, if you come back to class... we can address this type of attack if you wish. Not everyone agrees with senseis nowdays, especially when sensei has to teach classes on a commercial venture. But, to say sensei has nothing to teach you is very arrogant indeed. You haven't tried it, but you can always ask fellow students to train after class on a particular slant, including forceful and 'realistic' attacks. I've done that sometimes, with sensei helping out when it gets sticky.

However, if our objective to go through the Shu or forms part whatever... I would hazard that a follow through attack with enough energy should suffice. Gradually increasing in intensity as nage gets more accomplished.

I am just reading this new book by Dave Lowry, Reflections, which I feel maynot be as good as his ealier moving in stillness. However, one story of his reminds me very much of this post. The... oh i'm sorry, are you ok one.

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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