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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
And again, there was and is no compelling evidence that training in Yoshinkan would benefit you either, not in the way that you phrased it in regards to IP. I'm asking you why you require a higher bar for IP?
I tried them both. One worked for me; the other didn't, and I don't have unlimited training time left in my life. I really wanted mystical powers to be true, but that was not my experience. I had doubts about Aikido, too. Had I landed in a more esoteric style, I might be telling this story to a different group of people. But I found Yoshinkan Aikido to be practical and sensible. When asked about Ki, Kancho (Shioda Sensei) would often hold up his car or house key. This was our Founder.

I will keep saying that if there is compelling evidence to give IP a second shot, I will risk it. But based on what's available, it's a bad bet, IMO.

Maybe we can agree on this- I have found some mental constructs to be helpful. "Interrupting Uke's intention" for instance. If you want to call that IT, that's okay with me.
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