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Re: Moving with your center

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
I wasn't even thinking in direction (see what I did there )!. I was thinking it some derivation of six directions as was being mentioned and not THAT eight directions. Apart from the undo that we do before every class we most commonly do it as the eight move jo kata.
Yeah, after I posted I kind of figured that was where your head was - I believe Graham was referring to an external movement direction and you were thinking internal energy direction - both being a subject of directions, but totally different things altogether - it is important that all in the conversation have the same point of reference so things do not get out of context

However, with all that said, it is possible to have the internal six direction energies with the external happo directions - let's see, that would make it the 24 direction undo Actually, and IMO, that should be the proper focus of the happo undo - moving in those eight directions while maintaining the six internal energy extensions.

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