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Re: Article: A Re-transliteration of Osensei's "Kannagara no Jutsu" by "The Grindston

My God, reading this debate reminds me why I didn't end up going for my Phd in Buddhist studies... I would have had to listen to my fellow academics arguing about things which I just didn't see as important. I frankly don't care what David chose to call the article.The extent to which it helps me understand where O-Sensei was coming from is what I care about. Ok, it's not a translation but rather a clarification or reworking of a translation previously done. The idea that it is "misleading" not have fully disclosed where the original documeht came from isn't true. Misleading would have been to cause me to belive that it was from somewhere it wasn't. I did not believe it came from anywhere at all because it's source wasn't stated; I simply didn't know it's source. Since I knew that I didn't know it's source, it's hard to feel like I was mislead. Anyway, I am far more interested in discussion of the content.

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