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Eva Antonia
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Re: Is Ukemi Destroying our bodies?

Hi all,

I have one answer and two questions.

First the answer, to the question about shikko and knee injuries: I tore my right ACL last year in June when performing a ROTTEN yokomen uchi irimi nage ura, I got it repaired in September, and I'm fully back on the mat since January. The knee never, ever hurts when doing shikko, but then 1) I was lucky because it never ever hurt during rehabilitation - the doctor must have done a great job, and 2) as many other posters stated, that what really hurts when doing shikko are the feet balls.

Second the question: Has anyone a link to videos of a) wide-legged and b) cross-legged breakfalls? I know the silent variant where you touch the floor first with your opposite hand (for example when receiving kote gaeshi), but I never heard of wide and cross legged falls.

As to hard falls...what on the body gets exactly the impact? The bones, the articulations, the flesh? I do them especially on shiho nage to protect my left wrist because it is too lax, and if the shiho nage is done dynamically, then it just turns 180 in the articulation, which hurts. So either I ask tori to perform shiho nage on my lower arm instead on my wrist or when I feel it approaching I jump over the arm, and that may result, if there is an arm block, in something so high that it approaches a salto. But if doing that sort of escape fall is as bad for the body as not doing it, what can I do when being uke for shiho nage? Always look for small and helpless toris?

I wish you all a nice day and a nice week-end,

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