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I've been studying Aikido since Christmas & here are some "results":

I can now tell nikkyo from kotegaeshi.

A dislocated shoulder.

The attendant, newly- aquired fear of falling.

the sense of accomplishment at being able to complete a technique properly (specially with that shoulder)

and the courage to start rolling again...

Finding a sense of complete safety within the dojo-perhaps that should be "emotional/spiritual safety"....the permission to be exactly who i am.

Frustration with my sensei for making it "too easy"- grsnted he is twice my size but a little resistance would be helpful.

and probably most importantly, the reason i'm in Aikido- I seem to be able to now be able to get through some situations which, even six weeks ago, could easily turned into nasty arguments with a smile and a thank you, and that is the most valuable result of all.

Maybe not spectcular or dramatic but results, and good ones, all the same.

keep it on the mat

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