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Re: The Y asks for a Certification - Is there one?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
I do not suggest for one minute that your certs are being given to students who are not capable.Nevertheless to give such advice to others to set up their own group without some quality checks is fraught with danger. There is a danger that any Tom ,Dick or Harry could set up their own group, call themselves Tenth dan, teach rubbish and charge a fortune to unsuspecting people.Therein lies the danger. If absolutely anybody can do what you suggest imo this is a recipe for disaster.
If he didn't suggest it, would the danger somehow go away? For that matter, if someone is inclined to be a charlatan, do you really think the idea would never have occurred to them if they didn't read Kevin's post? Calling his suggestion "fraught with danger" is like saying that it's "dangerous" to point out that you can make a molotov cocktail with a bit of gasoline, a glass bottle and an old rag: it's something that every potential bad actor already knows, so it creates no danger.
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