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Ah well, now you see it is the beginning of the end. Clearly you are unaware of Modern Educational Methodology. All that talk about "responsibility" and such is very "old school" and is very bad for an individual's self-esteem. Your goal should be for individuals to hold themselves in unconditionally high esteem. Then they can be happy and proud know matter what they choose to do, or not do. You will have empowered (I love that word. I get power from outside myself and THAT makes me feel powerful?) them to hold their head up high and say, "Lay down your arms wrong doer and leave me be or you will be responsible for robbing me of the self-confidence and self-assuredness for which I am entitled because . . . I am!

Now, since you were so kind as to help me, let me help you by bringing you up to date on modern rules:

1: No student or any party related to a student is responsible for their own education or the results of any educational effort they may, or may not choose to make.

2: Teachers are to be solely responsible for a student's education, the results of their education,and pretty much all other aspects of a student's well being (Unless of course they should over step their bounds and show too much concern, at which point they are solely responsible for any damage that may occur (hurt feelings and the like) should a student or party related to a student perceive themselves to be slighted in anyway due a teacher taking responsibility for something that they (the student or related party) perceive themselves to be solely entitled to be responsible for. In which case you will be informed retroactively and still be held responsible.) Additionally Teachers are solely responsible for any and all factors out of their control, such as, but not limited to, the educational process, the results of any educational effort students or any party related to a student may, or may not, choose to make.

3: At no point in time should a teacher make a student, or any party related to a student actually responsible, or perceive themselves to be responsible for their education, or the results of their educational efforts, or lack their of. Therefore at no point in time should a student or any party related to a student be made aware of any shortcomings whatsoever. This cannot be stressed enough.

4: Due to the fact of the responsibilities that you bear as a Teacher, if at any point in time a student, a party related to a student, or parties not related to students are not pleased with anything for which you are responsible they can, and will, publicly criticize and or ridicule you, continue to tell you what to do and not to do while continuing to hold you responsible for for the outcome of those actions or non-actions, and call for fiscal and other penalties to be levied against you.

5: Any positive results must be recognized as all due to the efforts and abilities of your students and any parties related to the students.

6: In some cases, you might be able to stop working (without pay of course) for a period of time if you don't like these rules, but you HAVE to go back to work under the conditions of our choosing if we tell you that you have to and you should in no way let your personal feelings about that be known to your students or any parties related to the students.

There! I hope that helps Dan.
Six core reasons why no one is learning anything today - it is the " I am not responsible for anything generation - you all owe me, even though I did nothing to deserve it" crowd... sad state of affairs...

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