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Thanks for the kind responses everyone!

At the risk of sounding like I'm suggesting uniforms, or worse still, patches (I swear someone wearing patches abused me in a former life!), how about t-shirts?

In order that they NOT be uniform, maybe at the next get together everyone could sport a personalized t/or sweat shirt of their own creation.

"I suck."
"I suck better."
"Got suck?"
"Just suck!"
"You think you suck?!?"
"No that isn't sticky Aiki, I just suck!"


"If that was just a tap, I don't want to know what a Hardin feels like!"

or how about

"In training to be a legend like Name of your art's legend here.

well you get the idea. I think it would be cool to see what everyone came up with. But I'm weird like that.
Well I've got two of my own.
1. "But I didn't do anything
2. "House of pillows" Given to me by one of my guys it was Andy's nickname of what has become of my dojo since all the outsiders started coming and we stopped doing what we used to do...yup ya''ll know who you are!!

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