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I just remember one of my sensei yelling at a guy years ago who was always making excuses for making mistakes.

"If you don't suck why the hell are you taking classes? Admit it -- we all suck and we train so we suck less! So shut up and train!"

I'm jealous -- you guys have all the fun. With all the guys in Southern California we need to have a periodic set of seminars so all of us who train too much and still suck can compare how badly we suck on a more regular basis. Lord knows II'm startin' over on so many things right now...

Empty cup, try again. Damnit. Empty it again, try again. Argh. Empty cup... Lather, rinse, repeat...
I get to a point where if people keep making the same mistakes I tell them "I am not going to fix you anymore. I'm sick of repeating myself. I have better things to do with my time. I'm going to go work with the other guys" When that gets their attention I say "Tell me the rules to put yourself together or do a waza!"
I then make them recite them.
1. When they are correct I give em a hard time for not doing it themselves without excuses right? They knew all along
2, If they don't know I give them a hard time for not writing it down or memorizing what they have heard me say ten thousand excuses right? Repeating the same error over and over when you are not under pressure is just plain dumb.
3. If they are not doing the solo work I make them do it there and then..sort of like skipping class ..while in class.
When you put people on the spot..they tend to step up to the demands and think for themselves.
I then ask them to come back next time and present and teach.
It's the only way to make people own it and think their way through these things
Of course I don't mean people only training with me once or twice or even occasionally, but rather those who have become serious with me..
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