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Allen Beebe
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Re: Dan Hardin PDX

Mark Kruger wrote: View Post
Having been to your basement dojo, I understand why you didn't invite me. I'm still sad.

Perhaps we can talk Dan into providing some instruction at a larger place (I could arrange for space, but it would be in Eugene).
I'm glad to hear that you understand why it was just my basement rats and a couple of local follow up seminar attendees.

Dan can do larger venues, keeping in mind that even in these cases he chooses to limit the number of attendees, even though it means a loss of revenue to himself. He limits the numbers because he really wants folks to "get it" and believes that the number of people that can be effectively taught at one time has a limit.

I'm sure you can understand and appreciate that.

Of course, Mark, if Dan stops coming to my basement, my children and I, and whoever else I can convince, are going to hold you personally responsible and hate you forever and ever! AND, you'll never be invited back to enjoy the dank and musty charm of my basement! (Tearing at my clothes, spitting on the ground, giving you the evil eye.) Just say'n . . . for clarity's sake.

~ Allen Beebe
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