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Re: Teaching in the times of lawsuit.

Marie Noelle Fequiere wrote: View Post
The dangerous ones are those who sit nervously to watch the class, trying to find any reason to complain about the instructor. Those are people who either have psychological problems, or need money. They are the ones to watch for.
I would disagree - but then again, what do I know of the motives behind other may be right - to what percentage? I dont know.

Personally, from my perspective, it shows an interest in your kid to be there with them.

People think they are doing things for the kids, when all they want is to have the parent around.

I have a few kids myself, and take a deep interest in what they do.
Think of it as self interest I suppose, after all - they have half my Genetics/DNA in them.

Now I dont see how the ones sitting watching would be the problem...they can see what does and doesnt happen.
(But again, America is a state that loves to litigate...and from the sounds of it the U.K. - so logic doesnt have to dictate here I suppose)



What is interesting to me is this.
If a person chooses a career, why get married and have kids?
Might as well stay single as most people see their jobs more than the family. Dont see a reason, as there is no connection and someone else ends up raising your kids.

The knowledge you have in life is not carried down...well, maybe the egoic aspect that leaches onto each of us when we are born.
As Eckhart Tolle says, Im sure one day we will find the ego in dna.

Have a video on my blog about genetics, "The ghost in my genes", which gives some good insight into this...and how we do affect our kids more than we know - even before they are born. (From emotions to physical attributes.)

Saying all that to say this:
That which most people think is important...getting by in life - just to die - isnt that important. (Sorry if its not worded right, look past the words and you will get there.)

That which is important is our own evolution, and passing that on to our offspring. Not allowing a conditioning solely based on ones cultural milue. (This is the worst, as its very narrow minded/limited, and the cause of the suffering currently going on in the world.)


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