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Re: uke vs nage

Justin MacEachern wrote:
have you guys ever regret the fact of being able to perform ukemi well.
Nope. On the contrary, I'm still very much actively working on improving my ukemi, no matter how "good" it may currently be. The more fully I can receive ukemi from experienced people, the more fully I can feel their aikido/budo through my body. There is no substitution for direct transmission, I'll say...
The reason I ask is IME the better your abitlity to fall the less nage you perform.
In my mind and experience, there is no difference between uke and nage. The same principles of aikido pervade both "roles," so being in either "role" informs my aikido training.

Contrary to your title, I don't think there's anything "versus" between the "roles" of uke and nage. Seeing them as such, I think, sets up a context in which the exploration of their informing each other becomes difficult, if not impossible.
So I guess my question is, how to deal with this situation
If I'm understanding you correctly, there's no need to "deal" with this situation as there's no problem, per se.
My ukemi and nage are strong.
It sounds like you have nothing to worry about, then.

-- Jun

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